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pHformula - face cosmetics; the first professional system for skin renewal with the effect of biochemical revitalization - Ispasnia
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Right now site is in work-in-progress state

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pHformula skin renewal cosmetics with biochemical revitalization effect

Pharma-cosmetic brand pHformula creates unique dermatological skin renewal products. They are designed to solve various aesthetic problems of the skin, saturating it with amino acids, as well as healing and vitamin complexes. The development of pHformula formulas is a huge experience in the field of scientific knowledge, chemistry and aesthetic medicine.

Features of the composition of pHformula cosmetics

All active ingredients in the formulas are pharmaceutical-cosmetic ingredients. The innovative PH-DVC complex is used in the creation of products. It is designed for uniform penetration of active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. In addition, the Spanish brand maintains close control over the pH values.

Benefits of pHformula products

completely safe;
do not contain animal wax and dyes;
do not clog pores (products are non-comedogenic);
preserves and restores the DNA of skin cells.

The effectiveness of cosmetic products is regularly confirmed by scientific research and reviews of world cosmetologists. The range of the brand includes several lines for skin care, both at home and in beauty salons.