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Curl - For curly hair
Curl - For curly hair
Curl Series - For curly hair from TM Palco Professional. It will make hair obedient, give them softness and greatly facilitate the process of styling.
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Curl Series - For curly hair from TM Palco Professional

Owners of curly hair know how difficult it is to care for them and how much strength and patience is needed to put unruly curls in a neat haircut. Experts of one of the most famous Italian brands Palco Professional, who have developed a unique care series, which is called Curl, are aware of this.

They are eternal as femininity itself. Curls, waves, curls ... At the same time glamorous and cute, and even fun! Wavy curls are able to give the charm and appeal to any woman. Women skillfully use their haircuts, both short and lower shoulders to create different images.
The PALCO CURL series is created for all owners of curly hair. They will make your hair obedient, give them softness and greatly facilitate the process of styling. The shampoo gently cleanses, generously moisturizes and nourishes the hair. The mask will wrap the strands in a wonderful scent and take care of the scalp. A cream will give a feeling of inspiration!

  • PALCO CURL SOFTENING Shampoo prevents drying and peeling of the skin, gives a feeling of freshness for the whole day. Its composition is replete with bamboo extract, which strengthens the hair, relieving them from brittleness and split ends. After washing with him, the curls become resilient and flawless.
  • PALCO CURL SOFTENING Mask - adds shine and shine to the curls, moisturizing the structure and filling the hair with useful components. Almond oil is deeply nourishing and retains moisture throughout its length, while blackberry and raspberry extracts have moisturizing properties and an antistatic effect.
  • PALCO CURLS FLUID HS - clear wax, crystal clear. Gives shine, seals. Gives hair the effect of naturalness and lightness.

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