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NeoGenesis Brand series
NeoGenesis - Cosmetic facial care, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows care - USA.
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NeoGenesis - Cosmetic facial care, hair, eyelashes and eyebrow care with stem cells - USA.

This is a company that owns special knowledge and professionalism in the field of therapeutic profilakiki autogenous cells and in the field of stem cells. The basic 3 obligatory means that the skin looked well or just began to show signs of aging:

  • Cleanser / Cleanser for all skin types from NeoGenesis.
  • Skin Serum / Skin Serum for face, neck and eye skin care NeoGenesis.
  • Intensive Moisturizer for normal to dry skin or Light Moisturiser for normal and oily skin from NeoGenesis.

NeoGenesis products are represented by the following series :

  • NeoGenesis Everything Moisturizing - Moisturizing the skin
  • NeoGenesis Cleansing & Regeneration - Purification and Restoration
  • NeoGenesis Hair, Lash & Brow - Care for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows

NeoGenesis S²RM® - NeoGenesis products help to balance the skin and heal itself naturally, stimulating the skin to become more youthful and beautiful. S²RM® or molecules released from stem cells are the same molecules that the skin produces in large numbers when it is young and healthy. When products are applied to age-related or damaged skin, the skin returns to a healthier, younger state. This is the key to simplifying skin care and maximizing the results achieved. For complete care, every home should have a good sunscreen for daily use. For specific problems or for even better skin improvement, NeoGenesis offers Eye Serum, Eye Cream, Body Cream, Moisturing Mist, Enzyme Mask. All products are designed to achieve the best result.

Cosmetics for face care, care for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows NeoGenesis - consistently high quality and efficiency

NeoGenesis uses technology using adult human stem cells. We all heard a lot about different types of human stem cells, including fetal ones. Embryonic stem cells from a fertilized egg are those cells from which our life originates. But the most important for mature people and our ability to regenerate our tissues are our stem cells that are responsible for the treatment and recovery of the mature body. After decades of research, we know just that some stem cells coordinate their activity to release a variety of separate associations, released stem cell molecules (SRM). These combinations of molecules are called S2RM, act in conjunction with each other to activate and maintain the healing process. This is a natural process of stem cells flowing inside our body, which stimulates supporting and healing effects. NeoGenesis uses this combination of knowledge in combination with advanced know-how in the field of biotechnology in laboratories to develop products that are biomimetics and cause homeostatic renormalization of stem cells and the natural processes of stem cells in the skin. Scientists call this the "reverse design" of the processes of maintenance and healing of mature stem cells in the human body. This process teaches us how to best apply the technology of NeoGenesis S2RM in hair care products for hair and skin. Therefore, NeoGenesis, unlike other therapeutic companies, uses patented S2RM technology in its products. This technology, according to which specific combinations of types of stem cells, each of which is cultivated in specific conditions depending on the state, is in each of our products. Using cell types and conditions that are relevant to a specific tissue and indications, a specific set of molecules is created from a variety of stem cell types called S2RM, which is complete and fully formed, thereby providing the maximum therapeutic benefit.
This means that NeoGenesis cultivates stem cells , so that the molecules are fully processed and released by the cell. This allows S2RM molecules to be full, in their natural form, and placed in exosomes - their own protective Nanospheres ("smart" liposomes) of the body that provide the selection and delivery of data information to S2RM. For example, proteins in S2RM are grouped in their natural three-dimensional configuration, all of their natural groups of fragments are attached and packed into exosomes for protection, targeting and delivery to surrounding cells. A complete set of molecules, all of which are fully formed, work much better than the technologies used by other companies, where incorrect and incomplete sets of molecules are used to develop their products.

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