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MinoMax - the most effective hair loss medications that have repeatedly proven effective in treating male and female pattern baldness; hair growth products - Germany
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MinoMax buy a drug for the treatment of baldness and prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth

Inventions of the German company Dr. Thormeyer (MinoMax brand) - the most effective drugs, which have repeatedly proved their effectiveness in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness, help to successfully solve the problem of alopecia once and for all.

Minoxidine for hair for women: ampoules, tablets

The problem of hair loss is facing more and more people. This can be influenced by completely different reasons: a genetic predisposition, a deteriorating ecology, various diseases, constant or sudden stress. In science, this phenomenon is called alopecia; it can be full or partial, also distinguish male and female pattern baldness. The main reason for hair loss is complex biochemical processes, in which an excessive amount of dihydrotestosterone accumulates in the hair follicle, which leads to loss of the follicle and, as a result, alopecia. For years, trichologists and biochemists around the world have tried to solve the problem of hair loss by studying in detail the processes and the effect of various drugs on them. To date, a solution has been found that can fully or partially solve the problem of alopecia in men and women.

Means for hair loss MinoMax represented by goods

  • Biotin - Vitamin for Hair Growth MinoMax
  • MinoMax Lotion 2% for hair restoration and growth in women
  • MinoMax Hair Growth Shampoo
  • MinoMax 5% lotion for hair restoration and growth
  • MinoMax 15% lotion for hair restoration and growth in men
  • Complex for the treatment of hair loss with minoxidil 2% MinoMax, course 3 months

The main active ingredient of the lotion is minoxidine, which acts as a blocker of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, the main substance that provokes the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle and its further loss. From the entire line, the drug is the most effective and able to cope even with active hair loss. The site contains lotions with different concentrations of minoxidine: 2%, 5% and 15%. As a rule, for women the norm will be 2%, for men - 5 or 15%. Minoxidine is not present in the shampoo; the main active ingredient is co palmetto, one of the most powerful inhibitors of dihydrotestosterone. It does not stop its production and accumulation in the hair follicle, but significantly reduces the rate of enzymatic reactions. The basis of vitamins is biotin - a vitamin of group B, which provides significant support for the hair matrix, due to which they look more healthy and shiny. Additionally strengthens nails and is a source of energy for the whole body.