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Marlies Moller
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Marlies Moller
Marlies Moller beauty haircare is a premium hair product with a professional result: cosmetics and hair accessories - Germany.
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Marlies Moller beauty haircare are premium hair products (cosmetics and accessories) with a professional result (Marlis Meller) - Germany.

This brand has absorbed the broadest experience that has been collected over the years by the "star" stylist from Hamburg Frau Marlis Möller. The girl opened the first salon in 1962 under her own name. The founder wanted to create her own line of hair products, which would allow caring for locks in the home. In 1988, her dream came true. For many years of professional careers and working with clients from different countries, she has acquired an incredible amount of knowledge about hair. Based on the quality of the client's hair, Marlis Meller can determine his daily routine, as well as how he or she cares for the hair. Marlis Meller always knows exactly what is best for this particular type of hair and being a woman who always combined business with her family, focuses on convenient and economical ways of applying brand funds. The philosophy of MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare is more than just hair care. This is a comprehensive approach to their beauty and health and reflects you as a person.

Cosmetics MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare embodied in itself:

  • effective formulas,
  • an instant result that can be seen and felt,
  • economy (the minimum amount of the deposited funds),
  • convenient methods of application.

MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare embodies:

  • professional knowledge Marlis Möller,
  • Many years of experience Marlis Möller in the salons,
  • testing of new developments not only in laboratories, but also in the salons of Marlis Meller's own customers.

Why is the brand MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare unique?

  • innovative products (special formulas with nanoparticles that provide penetration of ingredients deep into the hair, such as the Deep Energy Spray spray)
  • selected, high-quality ingredients (pashmina, silk, oceanic schools, keratin and other valuable extracts)
  • a unique combination of hair care products of the premium class combined with the highest quality hand-made brushes (Allround Brush - New Classic Brush - exclusive brush-care for daily gentle massage, laying brushes - a professional approach to hair styling)

All elements of professional assortment are combined with each other and are logically structured for the most useful, effective and optimal care of hair and scalp day after day. Each tool performs one of the following tasks: cleansing, cleavage, styling.

You can buy not only tools, but also accessories. They allow you to make styling, distribute curls and create a beautiful hairstyle.

Buy original cosmetics and accessories Marlies Moller in Ukraine and around the world with a guarantee of high quality products

A good comb Marlies Moller is an equally important detail in hair care, just like a shampoo. But not everyone thinks about it, buying hair care products. Even the best shampoo, conditioner or mask will not be able to withstand the plastic comb, ruthlessly tearing the hair. Another consequence of the interaction of hair and plastic comb is static electricity.

All this will help to avoid the comb Marlies Moller, buy (Kiev) which can be in the online store AZUM. The company Marlis Müller is a trademark of the elite cosmetics of the stylist Marlis Möller, whose cosmetic products and accessories are designed for one purpose - to make the client's hair attractive and well-groomed, as if he just left the beauty salon. Both in the manufacture of cosmetics, and for the manufacture of accessories using the latest technology and high-quality materials. Marlies Moller comb, buy (Ukraine) which you can from an official distributor, made by hand. The production used natural wood - beech and bristle of wild boar.

Marlies Moller hairbrushes can be bought in several types:

- Comb for curly hair. It is made of waxed wood, it helps to unravel curly hair without damaging it. It can be used on wet hair, as well as on dry hair. Marlis Meller comb does not electrify hair, with constant use eliminates dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

- Marlies Moller brush has three types: for styling, cleansing and massage

About the combs Marlis Muller reviews only positive and from the stylists, and ordinary users. Marlies Moller - buy (Ukraine) and forget about the problems.
Brushes are made of natural materials, prevent static electricity. Brushes are designed for different types of hair and provide different effects. Accessories are made by hand in Italy. Products Marlis Muller belongs to the luxury segment and has an appropriate price.

The products of Marlies Moller deserved positive feedback on the AZUM website. Thanks to the online store AZUM you can use products without going to the beauty salon.