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LR health & beauty
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LR health & beauty Brand series
LR health & beauty - means for skin care of the face, body, hair, decorative cosmetics.
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LR health & beauty - facial, body, hair care products, decorative cosmetics

LR Health & Beauty GmbH (LR abbreviation from the name of the first fragrance of the company L de Racine, Health & Beauty - English beauty and health) is a German company engaged in the production of cosmetics, perfumes and dietary supplements. LR Health & Beauty was established in 1980 in Germany. Currently, the brand is represented in 32 countries of the world, is one of the largest in Germany and is among the top twenty of the prestigious ranking of the 100 best manufacturers.

Why did LR Health & Beauty achieve such success and have only positive customer reviews?

  1. highest quality products. LR controls all stages of the creation of cosmetics: development of formulas, selection of raw materials, production, various scenarios of product testing by independent unions and institutes, service and product consulting. The ingredients that are used are being tested and their effectiveness has been proven by the latest scientific research.
  2. a variety of products - cosmetics for women, men and children, for the face, body, hair and nails, for solving various problems, decorative cosmetics, as well as dietary supplements.
  3. availability.

LR Health & Beauty Systems cosmetics for face, body and hair care are represented by the following series:

LR ALOE VIA - cosmetics with aloe vera

Aloe has moisturizing and regenerating properties, so it is with it that you can achieve beauty and health of the skin. Cosmetics with aloe will suit even the most sensitive and irritated skin.

LR ZEITGARD - a comprehensive anti-aging system

LR Health & Beauty's ZEITGARD products are designed to add time and keep your skin young. Proper cleansing of the skin. Anti-aging care: reducing the depth of wrinkles and restoring skin structure, nourishing and stimulating the deeper layers of the skin. Restorative care: fixing the result, activating the regeneration of the skin.

LR MICROSILVER PLUS - multifunctional care for the whole body

This component is useful in cosmetics against acne and inflammation, and is also suitable for dry, dehydrated skin. For the body it is used in anti-dandruff remedies for hair in anti-dandruff cosmetics.

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