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Kristina Great (van gils)
Country of ™:UkraineUkraine
Kristina Great (van gils)
Kristina Great is a Ukrainian brand of fashionable women's clothing. Stylish, elegant and original clothes. The main product items of Kristina Great: dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, shorts, business suits, tracksuits, down jackets.
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Kristina Great is a Ukrainian brand of fashionable women's clothing

The main idea of the Kristina Great brand is to frequently update the assortment of fashionable women's clothing, which is most consistent with leading trends. The company produces stylish and original products.

In the assortment of the brand one can find luxurious blouses and stylish dresses, skirts and trousers of different styles and lengths, original sporty suits, as well as elegant and practical outerwear: down jackets, raincoats. For sewing products, designers use only fabrics with the best aesthetic and performance characteristics: polyester, viscose, lycra, elastane, acrylic, wool, polyamide. Brand things look attractive on women of different ages and with different types of figures. They are ideal for both daily use and for publication.

Women's clothing by Kristina Great - a combination of style and quality

The company does not stop there and in the near future plans to present to the public not only collections of original women's clothing, but also a large selection of chic underwear, as well as trendy swimwear.

Main product items of Kristina Great:
Women's clothing: dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, shorts, business suits, tracksuits, down jackets.

Women's clothing Kristina Great will transform every girl and give happy moments of life. The company selects a diverse assortment for any occasion and different categories:

  • on every day;
  • for office everyday life;
  • for special occasions;
  • women's outerwear;
  • pajamas, underwear and costumes for the home;
  • women's sports pants, suits, sweatshirts, etc.

Prices from the manufacturer Kristina Great - wholesale and retail

The brand follows the latest fashion and creates regularly new collections. Prices will pleasantly please you and make you smile, because everyone can buy a thing they like.

Collections of women's clothing by leading Ukrainian manufacturer Kristina Great are presented in different directions:

  1. Classic collection - coats, dresses, blouses, trousers and skirts. A fitted silhouette emphasizes the slimness of the figure, while a semi-adjacent silhouette hides imperfections. Such clothes will become an adornment of business, office and evening wardrobe.
  2. Romantic collection - blouses decorated with ruffles, pleats and sparkling sequins. Free cut and high-quality tailoring give any woman tenderness and sensuality.
  3. Sports collection - T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, shorts, tops will expand your everyday and home wardrobe. Cozy, comfortable and soft knitwear does not constrain movements and give comfort.
  4. Casual collection - jackets, down jackets, trousers, jeans, shirts. They are easy to combine with each other and with clothes of sports and romantic styles.

Fashion is insanely interesting and stylish and high-quality things are always in demand. And the Kristina Great brand will help you with this.