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Kenzo - perfumery and cosmetics for body care.
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Kenzo - perfumes and cosmetics for body care - France

Kenzo is a French brand with Japanese roots that produces clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, and perfumes.

The father of the popular and successful brand Kenzo is the Japanese designer Kenzo Tadaka. In 1970, he presented his collection of clothes in Paris, which produced a real sensation. This year is the birth date of the Kenzo brand.

The first fragrance was created in 1978 - King Kong. Spirits were unusual: in the perfume intertwined green, spicy, fruit and floral scents. Such a stunning composition made an unprecedented furore, forcing to look at the brand as a guru in the world of perfumery. But the worldwide recognition of the brand was brought exactly by the perfume line Kenzo Parfums.

In 1993, the Kenzo brand was sold to the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy holding company.

Features of Kenzo perfume

Perfume Kenzo - seductive and distinctive. A dense train with live natural flavors and oriental motifs is the embodiment of lightness, naturalness and harmony with love and nature. Each bottle of perfume from the brand Kenzo is an interlacing of fragrances from nature.

The very creator of perfumery Kenzo Takada said that perfume is a product that is painted with water colors. And indeed, the fragrances from Kenzo are full of lightness, freshness and irrepressibility of the mighty elements.

Perfume Kenzo has these features:

  • Combination of conflicting notes in each bouquet;
  • Incredibly harmonious sound;
  • Fascinating plumes;
  • Refined bottles in Japanese style.

Men's Perfume Kenzo: Feel Perfect

Floral and fruit scales fascinate and captivate in a fraction of moments. After all, each component is added with jewelry precision and filigree. Inventing magic combinations, perfumers of the fashion house invested all the skill and energy in these fragrances. Rare ingredients emphasize the originality and uniqueness of each composition. So, after the first application, you will discover a charming note:

  • grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon;
  • elemi, black pepper, mint;
  • iris, vetiver, nutmeg;
  • basil, juniper, lime;
  • musk, amber, cardamom, etc.

Perfume opens with a refreshing bouquet and gives a good mood. Universal palettes will complement every image of its owner, whether it's a business meeting or Friday's party: such a man is always in the spotlight.

Several reasons to buy women's perfume Kenzo

Within every woman lives a strict critic who always strives for perfection. Shoes should be approached along with a hairstyle - to match the event, and toilet water - to complete the role with a bright accent. Given the wishes of demanding fashionistas, the developers of the brand produce creations that embody harmony and tranquility. Precious ethers and oils sound harmoniously and evenly, not eclipsing your individual style.

In 2001, Kenzo released the skin care line "KENZOKI". This line is built around four Asian plants (Rice Steam, Ginger Flower, Bamboo Leaf and White Lotus), the line reflects a new approach to skin care, a combination of pleasure and efficiency.

You can buy perfumes and cosmetics for Kenzo body care in our AZUM store, and our managers will help you choose a fragrance, regardless of whether you want them to yourself or someone for a gift.