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ColorPure - resistant cream hair color
ColorPure - resistant cream hair color
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JOJO ColorPure - resistant cream hair color (JoJo)

Cream-paint Colorpure perfect - reliable in use, has a long-lasting effect of deep dyeing hair and gives the hair a radiant shine. Diversified applicable paint for intensive dyeing or pure 100% dyeing of gray hair, brightening, saturated or soft highlighting. The new improved formula with collagen and argan oil provides optimal care and protection of hair when dyeing. Hydrolyzed collagen - adds elasticity, volume, shine and better controllability to hair, and also reduces electrified hair. Argan oil - protects the hair from the effects of adverse factors, intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restores their structure, making the hair stronger, shiny and docile.

Cream - paint Colorpure perfect JOJO is:

  • - the richness and naturalness of color
  • - hair is more elastic due to collagen
  • - new saturated gold / red / copper pigments
  • - more shine thanks to Argan oil
  • - color uniformity from root to tip
  • - new improved flavor
  • - proven durability

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