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HotelSpaService - tori for HoReCa: bed linen, towels, slippers - Supply of hotels, hotels, camp sites, yachts, spa-salons, kindergartens.
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HotelSpaService - tori for HoReCa: bed linen, towels, slippers - Supply of hotels, hotels, camp sites, yachts, spa-salons, kindergartens.

It offers complex equipment for hotels and other HoReCa establishments. Features of the hotel business equipment:

  1. Cooperation with the largest foreign and Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as our own sewing factories, allow us to offer a truly wide range of hotel products: slippers, towels, bathrobes, bed linen, cosmetics for hotels of 1-5 stars level.
  2. We are treated not only for the purpose of purchasing goods for hotel hotels, but also saunas, bathhouses, children's health centers, beauty salons, fitness and sports clubs and other HoReCa establishments.
  3. Products from the company HotelSpaService - this high quality, original design solutions, a professional approach to the implementation of the tasks. It offers materials of only high quality.

HotelSpaService - delivers goods from different countries: Turkey, China, Pakistan, as well as Ukrainian manufacturers.

HOTEL SPA SERVICE - professional supply of hotels. HOTEL SPA SERVICE company is engaged in equipping the hotel business with high quality textiles. We order everything for hotels, starting with economy class products and downloading exclusive premium products. We are ready to please you with an abundance of assortment, justified prices and the fastest delivery throughout Ukraine. Professional equipment will help your hotel become number 1 in Ukraine! The main task of HOTEL SPA SERVICE is not just the supply of hotel hotels, but the desire to make the hotel business of Ukraine close to perfection. We have everything that will help to distinguish your hotel among thousands of others, cause admiration of the guests and provide a comfortable stay.

We cooperate with:

Hotels and hotels;
Yacht and sports clubs;
SPA-salons, saunas, baths;
Beauty salons and fitness clubs;
Kindergartens and health-improving complexes;
Private companies and promotional promotions.
We help each client to solve 100% of his task, which expects something more from his hotel business and is ready to invest in his name forces, time and money.


We offer ready-made bed linens or can be sewn according to the customer's individual request. Nine out of ten customers choose products made of cotton, satin, coarse calico, which indicates their quality. At the request of the client, we will put the label of the establishment on the bed, and also make the valves, "ears" and everything else, which will emphasize the individuality of the establishment and the corporate style.


No hotel service can do without terry products. We are talking about towels and bathrobes, which will ensure guests a comfortable stay. We offer products of traditional white color or in a different color scheme. You will be interested to know that for making terry products, we use Turkish fabric, which is known for its good quality.


One-time slippers are also an indispensable attribute of supplying hotels and other HoReCa facilities. HOTEL SPA SERVICE is ready to offer really comfortable and practical slippers, the right size and shape. They will be ideal for a hotel, sauna, swimming pool and other wellness centers.


The supply of hotel hotels can not be imagined without disposable cosmetics, which is considered an indispensable attribute of the bathroom. HOTEL SPA SERVICE offers cosmetics of excellent quality and stylish design. Most often, a cosmetic set of personal use includes shampoo, soap, shower gel, body lotion and cream, shower cap, comb, shaving kit and other (at the customer's choice).

And most importantly - the possibility of applying your company's logo!

At the customer's request, it is possible to apply the company's logo to dressing gowns, polantz, slippers and even cosmetic sets, which will unequivocally distinguish the institution among others and become an excellent advertising move.

Where can you comfortably buy bed linen, terry towels, bathrobes in Kiev, in Ukraine?

Advantages of cooperation with HOTEL SPA SERVICE

The assortment of goods for hotels will pleasantly surprise you;
The cost of production will please with the availability for purchase of any volume;
We quickly make out an order and deliver it within a few days;
Excellent quality of products - we guarantee our reputation.
We study the demand of consumers, carefully follow the novelties of all products for hotels, test, we question the customer in detail - and as a result we guarantee a 100% result. With us you can perfectly arrange a hotel room, massage room and even kindergartens. You will give your guests a cozy and comfortable stay - and they will please you with good reviews and positive recommendations!

HOTEL SPA SERVICE is a brand for comfortable hotel business