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Luxury Hair Color - Hair Coloring
Luxury Hair Color - Hair Coloring
Luxury Hair Color - Hair coloring. Paint, which has no analogues in the world. The composition of the paint is enriched with environmentally friendly ingredients that provide a deep saturated shade, shine and healthier hair. A rich color palette can be used for both permanent staining and toning.
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Luxury Hair Color - Coloring - Green Light 

Patented know-how: Intense and Deep Color Vibrations Micro Pigments Technology®, Long Lasting Anti-Age-Anti-Pollution Complex® - guarantee deep penetration of color, the duration of its preservation, protection of hair from weathering and premature aging, make the system the answer to a request from the world's population for a quality and safe coloration.
Innovative resistant cream paint Luxury (Lakshari) has no analogues in the world in terms of the amount of ammonia (0.97%). Cream-paint contains a cocktail of extracts: white tea, orchid, papaya, honey, fruits of bitter orange.
Luxury Hair Color - Coloring - Green LightThe patented system of extremely clean micropigments guarantees accurate results of hair dyeing, maximum color penetration into the hair shaft and stunning bright, rich hues.
Color palette LUXURY Hair is rich in stylish, fashionable shades. If we talk about permanent staining, then the pigments completely penetrate into the structure of the hair, which can not be said about the properties of the semipermanent procedure. In the second case, the pigments do not penetrate the depth of the hair, they only linger on the surface in the scaly layers. And if the permanent staining can completely paint the gray hair, then the semipermanent cope with this same problem by only 40-65%.

What is interesting in the composition?

As already mentioned, LUXURY Hair Color does not contain ammonia in the system of permanent and semi-permanent hair coloring. The whole formula consists of natural ingredients, such as vitamin C, bee honey and wax. Beeswax gives the hair smoothness and strength. The esters that make up the wax contribute to the restoration of the hair bulb and moisturizing. Wax nourishes the hair, makes it more docile and shiny. And, as for honey, it improves growth, makes the hair strong, silky and prevents their fragility. Vitamin C nourishes the hair, eliminates the tips of the tips and makes them more dense. Still, it normalizes the circulation of the scalp, which prevents dandruff and hair loss.
Convenient mixing ratio, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 (for obtaining clear watercolor light shades).
Cream-paint can be used in two versions, like:
1. persistent staining;
2. semi-stable painting.
The effect of persistent deep staining is achieved by mixing the paint with a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide (6%, 9%, 12%).
To get the effect of softer coloring, it is necessary to mix cream paint with a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide (2.1% - 3%).
According to the consistency, the finished dye resembles sour cream and well falls on the hair.

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