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BioBouffant - Basal volume system
BioBouffant - Basal volume system
BioBouffant - The system of the radical volume - Green Light - (BioBufant). BioBouffant Green Light is a fast and absolutely safe procedure that allows you to get a radical volume. Preparations BioBouffant provide a noticeable amount of the root, which lasts up to 3 months.
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BioBouffant - The system of the radical volume - Green Light - (BioBufant)

BioBouffant is a professional line of Green Light preparations, allowing, with the help of simple technique of execution, to obtain a natural root volume without a curl.
After the procedure, the hair acquires a natural volume, which lasts up to three months. Gradually the radical volume obtained as a result of the procedure weakens and, as the hair grows, completely leaves, leaving no visible transition.
BioBouffant Green Light is a versatile line of drugs that is suitable for all types of hair and is a non-tax solution to a variety of tasks on the way to getting the perfect hairstyle.
BioBouffant - The system of the radical volume - Green LightBioBouffant Green Light is a fast and absolutely safe procedure that allows you to get root volume even for pregnant or lactating women, as well as clients prone to allergic reactions.
BioBouffant products provide a noticeable volume at the root, which lasts up to 3 months;
With the procedure BioBouffant significantly reduces the time of hair styling - it is enough just to dry hair naturally or with a hair dryer, the hair retains its shape and volume perfectly;
After the BioBouffant procedure, the shape of the hairstyle does not deteriorate when wet, after intensive training or swimming in the pool, this is the most long-term styling possible;
The volume of BioBouffant allows you to wear headwear without fear for your hair;
BioBouffant gives the hair a long-term volume at certain points of the head, which greatly improves the effect of haircuts or hairstyle shapes;
BioBouffant prevents the appearance of the effect of heavy hair, associated with increased sweating and fatty scalp.
Absolutely safe composition, the main component of which is cysteamine - a biological protein extracted from keratin of a human hair, does not contain aggressive components - thioglycolic acid and ammonia. The composition forms the necessary volume, filling the hair with liquid cysteamine, strengthening their structure and providing stunning results with absolute safety of the procedure.
The neutralizer is the final product and performs the function of the thickener of liquid cysteamine, filling the hair and fixing the obtained basal volume. The absence of hydrogen peroxide in the composition ensures the preservation of the color of the colored hair. The neutralizer strengthens the structure of the hair, gives them shine and radiance, ensures a long preservation of the radical volume.
The procedure of the radical volume is so safe that it can be used by pregnant women and women during lactation, you will not have an allergic reaction, with a tendency to such.
The procedure is not irritating and is available to those who have scalp problems: seborrhea, hyperhidrosis, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.
BioBouffant Green Light® can be applied to natural, colored and discolored hair.
Choosing the volume and long-term stowage from BioBouffant, you can afford to ride a convertible or water bike, jump with a parachute, dive, walk in the rain without an umbrella at the Eiffel Tower and enjoy important moments of life without being distracted by the hair. With BioBouffant Green Light you are always perfect!

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