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TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) - a line of innovative lifting care
TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) - a line of innovative lifting care
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Germaine de Capuccini TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) - a line of innovative lifting care

The latest development of the laboratory Germainde de Cappucini works in full with age-related changes, such as: loss of volume and elasticity of the skin, sagging. The procedure allows you to remodel an oval face without surgery and injections. New cosmetic formulas are aimed at restoring the inner vitality of the skin by stimulating the activity of its essential elements to create a new volume, tighten the skin and restore the stressed outline.

TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) is designed to stimulate the synthesis and activity of the main factors responsible for the organization and restructuring of the skin matrix.

Indications for use Germaine de Capuccini TIMEXPERT LIFT:

Age group: starting from 30-35 years.
Skin type: It is recommended for all skin types with loss of elasticity and elasticity.
Recommended: at any time of the year.

Action and Results Germaine de Capuccini TIMEXPERT LIFT:

The oval of the face acquires a clear outline.
Wrinkles become less noticeable.
The effect of lifting, accompanied by the restoration of skin density and volume of the face.

Components Germaine de Capuccini TIMEXPERT LIFT:

V-Matrix: a highly productive complex of active substances acting on the cause of laxity, reconstructs the layer that forms the dermis skeleton to restore elasticity from the inside.

1. Purified oligosaccharides of earth almonds: stimulate the synthesis of specific tissues of the papillary layer of the dermis for greater elasticity of the skin.
2. Biologically active peptide: stimulates the production of structural proteins for proper connection and location of the reticular fibers of the dermis.
3. Calcium and glucose: stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer and, as a constant source of moisturizing, promote the increase of skin density.
4. Extract of edelweiss flowers: from this flower an active substance is obtained, enriched with leontopodic acid with powerful antioxidant properties.
In addition, the composition includes Alfa-Gel Technology, developed for deep penetration of active components and their more effective action.