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Eva Professional
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Eva Professional
Eva Professional - professional hair care cosmetics (Eva) - Spain.
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Eva Professional - professional hair care cosmetics (Eva) - Spain.

The trade mark Eva Professional was founded 80 years ago in Spain. For such a long period of existence, she managed to improve the level of goods and become one of the leading companies in her industry in the European market. Initially, she produced only paint, but in 1934 she began to expand the arsenal of products. Technologists do not neglect the latest scientific discoveries and try to constantly improve their own creations. An innovative approach to the development of formulas provides a quick and lasting effect.

Caring for your curls along with new products Eva Professional. The main focus of the manufacturer is on health and the restoration of strands. The inventive inventions are intended to solve the following problems:

  • baldness;
  • weak volume;
  • the tips of the tips;
  • fat content;
  • dryness;
  • dullness;
  • brittleness.

The result from the cosmetics Eva Profeshnl is visible after the first use. Hair instantly transformed, and the updated reflection in the mirror is incredibly pleasing. Professional remedies can be used as an additional treatment in the fight against such drawbacks as dandruff, loss or irritation of the scalp. Eva Professional shampoos gently remove impurities without drying the epidermis. Thanks to their gentle composition, they can be washed daily. In the list of ingredients there are no sulfates, parabens and other harmful components. Eva Professional balms and conditioners help to cope not only with aesthetic defects. They will be needed for peeling, weakened follicles and section. For their preparation useful additives and biological extracts are used.

Branded products for perfect style. Luxurious beauty products Eva Profeshnl will be useful also for those cases when it is necessary to create an ideal styling. They have a different degree of fixation, do not damage the hair shaft and are easily washed off. Gels, mousses and sprays are able to withstand even "non-flying" weather conditions:

  • gusty wind;
  • rain;
  • snow;
  • high humidity.

The trade mark Eva Professional was born in Barcelona in 1922. At first the brand offered hair dyes, later professional means appeared to care for the curls. The choice of dyes fell because the hair of the Spanish women differed in a dark shade, which was difficult to color. The company has found a way to solve the problem. This helped in the 1950s to become a leader in his native country.

Since the first days of work, the brand has defined the principles that it uses in its work so far. The brand has relied on high quality, environmental care and customer orientation. The mission is to constantly develop and offer consumers the necessary hair care.

The company offers professional products that are used in the salon procedures. More than 25 000 professionals in 50 countries trust their customers' hair tresses with Eva Professional. Trademark management understands that harmonious development is impossible without concern for nature. The product is created on natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.

A thoughtful approach to production is the key to success. The brand offers products for regular care, treatment, styling and hair coloring. Each category is divided according to the types of curls, so that the means as much as possible satisfies the needs of customers. A team of professionals is working at the factory. Eva Professional selects chemists with positive recommendations from a previous job. These people are responsible for developing new and improving available funds. The Development Department purchases raw materials and controls the quality of products.

The specialists of Eva Profeshinal pay great attention to testing the formulas. It is important that the product does not change its properties during the storage period. Testing of new products is due to dealers who have been cooperating with the brand for several decades. Production capacity is 5000 square meters. The plant is located near Barcelona. The company is responsible for creating funds at all stages - from the purchase of raw materials to the creation of a package design.

Eva Professional took care of how to reduce the impact on the environment. The products of the trade mark received European quality certificates. Also, the brand develops a network of training centers for stylists and hairdressers. Reviews on the funds are on the site AZUM.

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