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Erba Classico
Country of ™:The Republic of KoreaThe Republic of Korea
Erba Classico
Erba Classico - Professional hair care can be provided at home through the development of the South Korean brand beauticians.
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Erba Classico - Professional hair care can be provided at home

The manufacturer Erba Classico has been creating a balanced caring line of goods since 1966 and during this time has gained an excellent reputation in 20 countries, including Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

Brand experts use only natural extracts and oils in production, without synthetic additives, dyes and flavors. Testimonials by users confirm the effectiveness of preparations for daily care and complex treatment of damaged or weakened hair. Shampoos and conditioners can be found in beauty salons all over the country, and European stylists and hairdressers appreciate the company's development.

Natural ingredients Erba for comprehensive care

Korean masters have continued to improve active formulas for detergent and conditioning compounds for decades to make them useful and enjoyable. The experts abandoned toxic and irritating ingredients, having developed Erba nutrients with a light consistency based on the gifts of nature and high-tech equipment:

  • The extract from soybean germ softens unruly curls, intensively moisturizes and gives a healthy shine - the substance forms an invisible protective membrane that prevents breakage and dryness of the hair.
  • Sea DNA nourishes hair with nutrient moisture, eliminates fragility and dryness.
  • Erba cosmetics based on silicon oil restores natural elasticity and shine, provides ease of combing.
  • Rosewood extract prevents fragility and split ends, protects damaged areas from further damage, gives a pleasant woody aroma and a feeling of lightness after washing.
  • Ceramides penetrate deep into the structure and strengthen it from the inside.
  • Chitosan gently cleanses toxins and removes toxins.
  • Apricot kernel oil provides softness and silkiness.
  • Keratin protein is an indispensable product of durable and safe staining: nutrients give the shade brightness and saturation, permanently retain the pigment in the texture.

In the collection of the brand there are effective means for thermal protection, restoring vitamin complexes and other professional preparations for healthy and beautiful hair.

Enjoy every session with Erb

Cleansers have a beneficial effect on the hair follicle and skin, strengthening the root zone. Cosmetics produced in ergonomic capacious banks with convenient dispensers, so one bottle will last for a long time. In the online store MEIKAP you will find a large selection of branded goods that you can buy at producer prices without markups. For our customers free delivery in Kiev and the territory of Ukraine.