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Declare - cosmetics for face and body care, skin care, decorative cosmetics (Declaration) - Switzerland.
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Declare - cosmetics for face and body care, decorative cosmetics (Declaration) - Switzerland.

The Swiss cosmetics brand Deсlare was founded on the basis of the famous concern Jonson & Jonson. The manager of the cosmetic giant, Carl Troll, decided that it would be very advisable to occupy a vacant niche for the production of sensitive skin care products. Scientific achievements and ancient beauty recipes scientists can harmoniously combine and offer consumers a full range of luxury products for solving any dermatological problems.

Declare company managed to become the best manufacturer of products for delicate skin care. Cosmetic products are developed by leading European specialists and undergo rigorous pharmaceutical control. All Declare cosmetics are manufactured in Switzerland, and its compliance with the world's most important standards guarantees high quality, hypoallergenic and effective. The colossal experience has become an excellent aid for the manufacture of special products, which is completely safe for sensitive and supersensitive skin. Now, among cosmetics DeSlare you can find products to eliminate any dermatological defects and even prevent their appearance. The products will help you to protect yourself as much as possible from the negative impact of the environment, permanently preserve youth and beauty, and be confident in your own attractiveness.

Cosmetics DeSlare for sensitive skin is a natural care without harm to health

The release of funds for the care of sensitive skin is a very difficult and expensive activity, which is only possible for manufacturers with huge financial and intellectual potential. However, the brand for many years of existence has never disappointed its admirers, it always creates products of the highest quality, which are characterized by high efficiency and complete safety for health. Natural plant components are the basis of each product, they provide the skin with the most harmless and effective care, providing not only a therapeutic but also a restoring effect.

Buy cosmetics Deсlare means to get smart results from care

The brand also produces decorative cosmetics, namely tonal bases and VV-cream DeSlare, designed to adjust the tone of the face and effective skin care. The composition of creams includes natural active substances that fight with signs of aging, moisturize, nourish and protect the epidermis. Using drugs will help you achieve perfect smoothness, perfect tone and take care of creating a barrier for ultraviolet rays. With decorative products this brand you will always be on top.

Cosmetics Deсlare is issued in such series:

  • Age Control;
  • Allergy Balance;
  • Cosmetics for the body Dešlare Body Care;
  • Caviar Perfection;
  • Definite White;
  • Energizing;
  • Eye Contour;
  • Gentle Cleansing;
  • Hydro Balance.
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