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CU Skin
Country of ™:The Republic of KoreaThe Republic of Korea
CU Skin Brand series
CU Skin is a real cosmeceutical from Korea. Korean brand cosmetics are based on environmentally friendly natural ingredients. The company specializes in creating cosmetic care products for aging skin.
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Cosmetics Cu skin patches buy - real cosmeceuticals from Korea

CU SKIN creates cosmetics for sensitive skin based on the formulas of its own laboratory. Each product is developed with the participation of doctors and tested in the clinic. CU SKIN develops lines for home and salon care, and also collaborates with dermatologists in Europe and Australia. Over 15 years of work, CU SKIN experts have patented 5 of the latest ingredients, and opened 10 dermatological clinics in Korea, which receive 300,000 people annually.

Cuskin Eye Patches With Vitamin U And Peptides: Vitamin U Hydro Gel Eye Patch, 60pcs
Anti-Aging Cream With Peptides And Vitamin U CUSKIN VITAMIN U Cream, 50ml
Cuskin VITAMIN U Aqua Sun Gel (SPF 50+ PA +++), 50ml
Sensitive Skin Repair Cream CUSKIN EX-C Regeneration Cream, 30ml
Therapeutic Restorative Cream For Sensitive Skin Cuskin EX-C Cream, 15ml

Direction of work of the Korean brand CU Skin - specializes in creating cosmetic care products for aging skin, and also produces products for:

  • skin with impaired lipid balance (dry / oily);
  • sensitive;
  • age;
  • prone to pigmentation.

In 2008, a patent was received in the USA for the cosmetic series Anti-Age with vitamin U, which improves the regeneration of skin cells. In 2012, new revolutionary products were developed and patented - anti-aging and whitening applications of natural extracts. Recent developments by CU Skin are aimed at increasing the penetration efficiency of therapeutic ingredients through the skin. Own laboratory and production workshops allow the company to produce high-quality products with exclusive ingredients at competitive prices.

Korean brand cosmetics are based on environmentally friendly natural ingredients, as well as:

  • vitamins U and C;
  • peptides;
  • ceramides;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • amino acids.

CU Skin face care products are creams, serums, masks, lotions. Vitamin U gel patches are one of the latest developments by CU Skin. They fit tightly to the face and enhance the penetration of active serum into the deeper layers of the skin, smooth out facial wrinkles. CU Skin products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors or flavors. All means are safe and very effective.