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Biosilk - hair cosmetics (Biosilk) - USA - is an innovative complex of preparations based on silk and amino acids, which are intended for intensive hair restoration.
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Biosilk - hair cosmetics (Biosilk) - USA

Biosilk silk therapy is an innovative complex of preparations based on silk proteins and amino acids that are intended for intensive hair restoration. The company has occupied leading positions in the USA for more than 20 years and belongs to the Luxure segment. Cosmetics Biosilk silk therapy does not contain parabens, sulfates, perfumes, synthetic oils and dyes.

The BioSilk brand was founded by Farouk Systems Inc., which in turn was created by Farouk Shami, a simple hairdresser who, however, managed to achieve a lot. But the most interesting thing is that the impetus for the invention of non-ammonia coloring agents was not how much personal ambitions, but how much the allergy to ammonia developed by Faruk Shami because of the long contact with this substance. The fact is that to bother with paints and chemicals in search of the perfect way of painting, was his favorite hobby, and allergy did not leave him this opportunity. In order not to deprive himself of the pleasure of dealing with his favorite affair, Mr. Shamy began to look for an alternative to ammonia. As a result, BioSilk cosmetics appeared.

BioSilk products are based on the latest formula, based on the molecules of natural silk, further enriched with plant extracts. Paints of this composition provide a natural beautiful color and shine to the hair. At the same time, no ammonia contains BioSilk, most of which are truly natural products!

The assortment of the brand also includes cosmetics for care and styling, also made on the basis of silk proteins. According to the manufacturer's reviews, the silk molecules are as close as possible to the keratin of the hair, so they easily penetrate into the follicle and interact with it from the inside without harming it.

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