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BBOne - Keratin Straightening, Amino Acid Bio Protein Straightening and Strengthening of All Hair Types - Brazil
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Right now site is in work-in-progress state

Right now site is in work-in-progress state

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BBOne Brazilian Keratin Straightening and Hair Restoration, Amino Acid Bio Protein Straightening and Strengthening of All Hair Types

The Brazilian brand BB One was founded in 2014, from the first years it took a leading position in the market of keratin straightening and hair restoration. Bb One employs technologists from three countries: Brazil, Switzerland and Italy. This is what allows you to be always one step ahead of other brands and to create products that conquer any master with their quality and, most importantly, price.

You can buy BB One for hair the following series:

  • Amino acid botox BTX Acid Thermo Mask with blue pigment, suitable for all hair types. Strengthens, removes fluffiness, gives shine and strength. Suitable for particularly sensitive and allergy prone masters and clients, as they work on acids.
  • BTX Concentrate BTX Concentrate Mask cream without pigment. Universal composition that nourishes and restores the most hard and dry curls. Gives hair a fantastic shine and smoothness.
  • Ultra Liss Cacao & Acai - a classic keratin straightening, strong composition that copes with the most tight curls, straightening and restoring hair to 100%.
  • Acid Power Ultimate - nanoplasty (amino acid straightening), completely safe composition that does not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives, only acids and amino acids, which are 100% straighten any curl. Can be used on bleached and bleached curls. The result of the procedure: perfect smoothness and comfort.
  • Bioplastic Cool Strawberry specially designed composition for straightening and strengthening the Slavic hair type. Completely safe composition that does not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives. Can be used on blonde hair of any degree of damage. Soft and careful straightening and restoration of curls without harmful fumes!
  • Botox for hair BTX Crema - 4 different lines:
  • BTX Classic Thermo Mask with blue pigment and BTX Classic White Thermo Mask without pigment - both of these Botox maximize restore all types of hair. Give shine, density without weighting.
  • Home care BB CARE will help extend the effect of keratin recovery, Botox or nanoplasty.
  • High Liss straightening shampoo is unparalleled in other brands. Does not contain formaldehyde, helps straighten and tame the most disobedient curls.

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