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Academie Brand series
Academie - facial, body and decorative cosmetics (Academia) - France. Professional cosmetics of premium class.
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Academie - facial, body and decorative cosmetics - France.

Academie Scientifique de Beaute - professional cosmetics of premium class. It was created especially for procedures in beauty salons, as well as for skin care at home. A wide choice of professional cosmetics of a premium class. The company Academie Scientifique de Beaute produces over 200 products that cover all modern beauty treatments offered in beauty salons. High efficiency. Academie means a highly effective professional cosmetics for beauty salons. Quality raw materials. You can buy professional cosmetics for beauty salons, created from quality products. Means are saturated with active ingredients that penetrate the skin, restoring it, nourishing and protecting from adverse factors.

Hypoallergenicity. All the presented professional cosmetics has a mild effect and a pleasant smell of French perfumery. Own innovative developments
The French company Academie Scientifique de Beaute has a long successful history of working in the beauty industry. It was created in the distant 1926 by the professional pharmacist Georges Ge. Two years later, the institute of beauty started its work under the Academy brand - the first workshop for training cosmetologists. Since then, the task of the company is not only the development of high-quality cosmetology products, but also the creation of its own cosmetology school: the education of professionals of the extra-class in the field of cosmetology.

Today the company Academie Scientifique de Beaute is one of the leaders in the production of cosmetics for professional care and delivers its products to the leading beauty salons and centers in more than 60 countries!

Academy offers a concept of care, consisting of three basic stages:
1 step to your beauty: cleansing. With the help of our products, you prepare the skin for the subsequent care, gently clean it without violating the natural protective mantle. Your skin becomes very smooth and tender, it is prepared to interact with more active care products.
2 step to your beauty: stabilization. Products Academies, developed specifically for this phase of self-care, helps restore the water-lipid balance of your skin. Only moisturized skin looks and is truly healthy.
3 step to your beauty: the achievement of the goal. Cosmetic means Academie help to solve many specific problems of your skin: wrinkle smoothing, removal of pigment spots, treatment of atonic skin, strengthening of sensitive very thin skin, regeneration.
More than 200 high-quality Academie products cover all ultramodern procedures in the field of cosmetology. You will see the result very quickly!

All products are hypoallergenic, made from the best quality raw materials. You can be sure that you get cosmetic means, each component of which is carefully selected and tested. Only such cosmetics can work really effectively, giving you an unforgettable feeling of high-quality care.
The company Academie Scientifique de Beaute conducts constant scientific research, develops new formulas, creates more and more perfect means for care. Acquiring cosmetics Academies, you buy the best, innovative products, which is based on the latest developments and takes into account all the latest trends in the world of cosmetologists.

Cosmetics Academie - the elixir of youth and beauty for your skin from France

Cosmetics Academie is unique. The first production of this mari was released back in the late 19th century, but the world brand won when the company was headed by Georges Ge in the 30s of the last century. Creams, masks, lotions, peelings, gels, serums and other preparations are created in the laboratories of the conglomerate on the basis of natural active ingredients, which are able to regenerate the skin, give it a second youth, nourish with moisture, relieve inflammation and other problems.

Where to buy cosmetics Academie

The products of "Akademi" are used by cosmetologists for work, but the company produces not only professional products, but also home care products that every woman can buy for herself. Buy cosmetics Academie can be in the online store AZUM. We cooperate with the "Academy of Scientific Beauty", so we only sell original products, the quality of which will satisfy even the most demanding client. This is an amazing cosmetics, the purchase of which you will make your skin happy.

Cosmetic care Academie on the pages of the online store AZUM catalog is represented by the following series:

  • Acad'Epil Academie
  • Aromatherapie Academie
  • Body Academie
  • Bronzecran Academie
  • Bronzexpress Academie
  • Derm Acte Acne Academie
  • MakeUp Academie
  • Men Academie
  • White Derm Acte Academie
  • Academie Ampoules
  • All types of skin Visage Academie
  • Oily skin Visage Academie
  • Normal and combination skin Visage Academie
  • Visage Academie Dry Skin
  • Withering skin anti-age Visage Academie
  • Sensitive skin Visage Academie
  • Expert program Derm Acte Academie

Original care products and decorative cosmetics of the French brand are sold in the online store AZUM. The company does not overstate prices, delivers purchases quickly to all regions of the country, and also provides a high level of service and provides the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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