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Philips - car lamps: halogen lamps, LED, xenon car lamps (Philips)
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Right now site is in work-in-progress state

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Philips - car lamps: halogen lamps, LED, xenon car lamps (Philips)

To our Philips brand catalog you can order and buy such products:

  • Philips X-tremeVision H4 halogen bulbs + 130% 12342XVS2
  • Philips LED LED HB3 / HB4 X-treme Ultinon
  • Halogen lamps Philips H11 DiamondVision 12V 55W (12362DVS2)
  • Xenon lamp Philips D4S X-tremeVision gen2 + 150% more vision
  • Halogen lamps Philips H4 ColorVision Purple 12V 60 / 55W (12342CVPPS2)
  • Philips D1S White Vision Gen2 85415WHV2C1 xenon lamp and many others.

Philips company is a leading global manufacturer of automotive lighting accessories. It adheres to high quality parameters and constantly introduces new innovations, stimulates an increase in the quality of manufactured products. When the buyer is to choose what kind of lighting for the car to choose, often gives preference to Philips car bulbs.

Buy Philips car lamps (LED, xenon) at a bargain price - become the owner of proven products

Comparing the usage statistics of lamps of different brands, more cars use Philips car bulbs. Since the use of autolamp Philips is a guarantee of long and good lighting of the road in any weather. A large range of products makes it possible to choose Philips autolamps with different bases, h7 and h4 lamps are in great demand.

Philips Philips halogen bulbs for cars

use tungsten filament. This material provides bright white light at elevated temperatures. It is one of the reasons for the longer service life of this light bulb.

Benefits of using Philips premium automotive lamps

  1. Resistance to vibrations, which is ensured by the torsion of a tungsten filament. Its reinforcement allows you to make the fastening of the thread resistant to vibrations.
  2. Long service life of the product.
  3. A large assortment.
  4. Security. They have enhanced safety and reliability characteristics, which is the main criterion when choosing.

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