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Magicolor - Resistant Hair Dye
Magicolor - Resistant Hair Dye
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Kleral System Magicolor - Resistant Hair Dye

Cream-hair dye Magicolor , released by the Italian company Kleral System, will provide your hair with a rich, lasting color.

The product creates a protective sheath on the hair, preventing the harmful effects on the strands of ultraviolet radiation.

Additionally, the product was enriched with vitamins A, B3 and C. The paint contains no ammonia. The tool can be used to dye gray hair. The paint has almost no negative impact on the structure of hair rods and on the skin. The product affects the curls, like an air conditioner, allowing you to enjoy smooth, soft, shiny locks immediately after the dyeing procedure.

Use this product to lighten hair up to a maximum of 4 tones.

Buy cosmetics for hair Kleral System Magicolor - get a salon effect at home