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Elea Professional
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Elea Professional Brand series
Elea Professional - hair cosmetics: care and styling; means for depilating the face and body
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Elea Professional hair cosmetics: care and styling; means for depilating the face and body (Eleya)

Cosmetics Elea Professional LUXOR on the pages of the catalog online store AZUM presented such series:

  1. Elea Professional LUXOR Collection is an innovative three-component formula for hair coloring, but also a complete list of professional care and styling products. The series was developed by the best Bulgarian specialists together with the largest laboratories of France, Switzerland, and Germany. High-quality and effective, the paint perfectly fills the hair, making them soft and shiny. The series includes rich and seductive shades, as well as a wide range of natural shades.
  2. Elea Professional Hair Care - the series offers dozens of styling and hair care products for home use and hairdressers.
  3. Elea Professional Body Care - body and hand care products, various anti-cellulite and modeling programs for women.
  4. Elea Professional Skin Care - skin care products. Means for cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and toning the skin in different age lines, depending on skin type.
  5. Elea Professional Intimate Care - women's intimate hygiene products with the recommended Ph level.
  6. Elea Professional Color & Care - cosmetics for high-quality hair coloring. It also has a men's series, to give a more saturated color and paint the gray hair, beard and mustache.
  7. Elea Professional Foot Care - home and salon foot care products, including scrubs, creams, masks, oils and peels for the feet, fingers and nails.
  8. Elea Professional Sun Care - sunscreen for the whole family, containing the most advanced UV-filters.

Where to buy cosmetics Elea Professional Luxor for depilation and skin care of the face and body

The original products of the Bulgarian brand Elea Professional are presented on the AZUM website. On the site you will find the characteristics of all products and customer reviews about them.