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Alfaparf Milano
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Alfaparf Milano Brand series
Alfaparf Milano - hair cosmetics (Alfaparf Milano) - Italy. hair cosmetics based on nano-technology.
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Alfaparf Milano - hair cosmetics (Alfaparf Milano) - Italy

Thanks to the Italian brand Alfaparf Milano, you have the opportunity to experience the quality of hair cosmetics based on nano-technology. In one name of the company are: high-performance development, color temptation, the quality of keratin straightening, passionate locks and an artistic approach to the manufacture of drugs. Today, cosmetics Alfaparf Milano buy in Ukraine and Kiev can be at an affordable price with home delivery. Cosmetics Alfaparf Milano - a new word in the beauty industry! As a model of originality, its quality was evaluated in 40 major academies of the world, applauding effective formulas, cooking systems:

  • conditioners and shampoos,
  • bezammiachnyh cream paints,
  • vitaminized lotions and masks,
  • pastes and oils for hair,
  • liquid crystals.

The company synthesized new technologies and natural components. This is an ecological product that has passed the control according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The unique formulation does not allow the inclusion of green pigment in the dye composition, and the technique of block block treatment skillfully fixes the color, cares for the hair, restores the PH-balance. The brand Alfaparf Milano is more than 35 years old. During this time the company managed to achieve tremendous successes:

  • Cooperation with more than 38 international academies.
  • Purchase of international cosmetic concern GTS.
  • 3 international research laboratories.
  • Distribution network in 80 countries of the world.
  • 5 productions (Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina).
  • 24 representative offices.
  • More than 300,000 professional clients.
  • Alafaparf Milano cosmetics can be found in the salons of 80 countries.

The history of the Alfaparf brand goes back to the distant past. It all began in the post-war 1945, when Roberto Frankino, along with two partners, started the production of hair cosmetics. In 1975, the aging Roberto Frankino retired, transferring the management of the company, which at that time became one of the largest in Italy, the eldest son. The youngest son of Roberto took over as director of sales. Roberto, Jr., since his youth took an active part in the management of the company, now was on the sidelines. Being a born leader and a man extremely ambitious, Roberto decides to leave the company and start his own business. Upon learning of his plans, his close friend Pino Arrosio, who at that time held the post of chief technologist, left with him.

So in 1980, the young and dynamic company Alfaparf was born. The carefully chosen brand name brought him luck and popularity. Alfa - this letter of the Greek alphabet, which stands first, is called the brightest star of the constellation, Parf - fragrance, cosmetics. The name of the brand has absorbed the ambitiousness and constant desire for perfection of its creator - Alfaparf Milano. Later the alfaparf group was founded, the idea of ​​which was the desire to maximally satisfy all the needs of the salon in professional products. Gradually in the company's portfolio there appeared such brands as Yellow - professional cosmetics for hair of economy class, TeN - professional cosmetics for body care; the direction of Beauty & Business, engaged in business consulting of VIP-clients, was opened. In each country Alfaparf Milano cooperates only with the best stylists, who invariably appreciate high quality, constant striving for perfection and responsive adherence to the latest fashion trends. That is all that the creator - Roberto Frankino invested in the company, that predetermined such a rapid success of this cosmetics on the market, its irreplaceability and value in the eyes of the best stylists of the world.

Alafaparf Milano has a unique mission - to raise hairdressing art over the everyday in the Haute Couture fashion area. The main values ​​of Alfaparf are fashion and Italian style, combining Mediterranean passion, impeccable taste, rich artistic heritage, attention to detail and bold creativity. All means of cosmetics Alfaparf Milano - a synthesis of high-end new technologies and natural components.

All Alfaparf Milano products undergo strict quality control according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2000. All stages of production and logistics of products are carefully monitored and controlled, starting with the selection of raw materials for production, finishing with the manufacture of packaging and delivery of finished products to the customer. At Alfaparf Milano's disposal are 3 research laboratories and 5 productions, within the walls of which innovative products are developed that not only meet high quality standards, but also differ in the maximum content of natural components, corresponding to the concept of "eco-friendly".